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Since 1992, Boca Trauma and Rehab has been evaluating and treating victims of motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury. We know how stressful these accidents and injuries can be, both physically and emotionally. Boca trauma and Rehab offers immediate same day treatment of your injuries. The physicians and staff provide you with the necessary documentation to protect yourself as an accident victim.

We take a personalized concierge approach in helping our patients not only with their medical care, but with assistance in filing the necessary forms, claims, and communications with your attorney and all other necessary parties. This allows you, the injured, to focus on your recovery and health. For your convenience, our insurance department will coordinate benefits with the responsible party’s insurance carrier or your attorney. Additionally, you do not need health insurance to get immediate treatment. Under Florida law, drivers must carry personal injury protection (PIP) insurance which covers your medical treatment if you have been involved in an auto accident, even if you were at fault.  

Automobile Collisions - Motorcycle Accidents - Pedestrian Accidents

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